Masterpiece Dolls

November 2010 Collection



Adriana by Susan Lippl


Click image for full size picture.  

She has a long sculpted shoulder plate to her waist and arms sculpted into her shoulder plate

 and legs sculpted above her knees. She is done in hard vinyl in a 36" size. She has very pretty brown eyes and black hair.


Nadya (The Gypsy) by Monika Levenig

Click image for full size picture.

Ht 40" in a full body vinyl with eleven joints. She can both sit and stand

She has dark brown hair and green eyes


            SOLD OUT

Heidi by Regina Swialkowski


Click image for full size picture.

She is 32" in silicone/vinyl with her arms sculpted above the elbows and her legs

 sculpted above her knees. She can sit in different poses by moving ththe position of her legs or arms.

The body is soft so you can cuddle the little girl.  Heidi has a shoulder plate for collectors that love to dress up their dolls.



Lacey by Monika Levenig



Click image for full size picture.     Click here for video

Lacey comes with her very own ladybug that fits on her finger.

She is making a wish and you too can make one when you get her.

Lacey is 34" in vinyl and has 9 joints so she can bend her arms at the elbows and sit or stand. 

 She has a cute brunette wig and pretty brown eyes.




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