Masterpiece Dolls

November 2011


Monika Levenig

New size" full body vinyl sculpt Ht 26.5" without joints
Chunky arms, legs and cute body shape
Happy smile with two lower teeth ,Sweet romantic outfit

Full Price-$230.00



Monika Peter-Leicht

Life Like child height at 46"
Cute expression with two upper teeth
Full body vinyl sculpt with 11 joints
Long soft to the touch brunette wig and pretty blue eyes

 Full Price-$289.00

Monika Levenig

Large vinyl doll, Ht 44", full body sculpt with 11 joints
Very poseable with ball joints in the elbows and knees and joints at the wrist
Pretty child like expression with elbow length blonde hair and blue eyes
Cute casual outfit with black denim pants and pretty red blouse

  Full Price-$289.00

Let's Play Dress Up Again (Blonde)

Monika Levenig
Let's Play Dress Up Again comes to you without an outfit so you can dress her and create your own unique look.
Full body sculpt with jointed legs and vinyl arms
Ht 29" with adorable smile
Pretty brown eyes set with a side glance

  Full Price-$210.00


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