Masterpiece Dolls

February 2011




Doris Stannat


Aaron is a 22" full body sculpt done in a vinyl body

 and head with silicone/vinyl arms and legs.

His arms, legs and head are easily moveable so

 he can be positioned in lots of different poses.


Regular Price $179.00


Princess Halima

Monika Peter-Leicht

She has now sculpted a magnificent beauty in a deeper skin tone with black hair and pretty brown eyes.

She is 42" tall and a full body sculpt with eleven joints. She has ball joints in the elbows and knees so she can sit or stand.

She also has joints at the wrist so you can position her hands in different poses.

Regular Price $249.00




 Doris Stannat

Doris always creates beautiful babies. Amy is an adorable, 22" full body sculpt

with pretty blue eyes. Since her body is a full body sculpt you can dress her in many

different outfit styles including sleeveless jumpers, shorts or even a diaper and undershirt

Her head, arms and legs are moveable so you can pose her many ways.

Regular Price $179.00




Baby Joile

Monika Levenig

Baby Jolie at 26" in vinyl with a cloth body is a very special doll.

It is the first time that Monika has put a beaded armature into one of her babies.

 Baby Jolie can easily be positioned crawling and tilt her head up so she looks at you as she crawls.

She can also be positioned seated.

Regular Price $189.00


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